Arc Flash

Why Should You Hire CTI?

Cascade Thermal Imaging, Inc. & Thermotest, Inc. have formed an alliance to provide CTI’s customers with Arc Flash Hazard Assessments for improved safety and emergency repair prevention!

Cascade Thermal Imaging, Inc. has been providing the finest Infrared Inspection Services & Reports in the Northwest since 2005 and Thermotest, Inc. has been providing IR services and Arc Flash Hazard Assessment for 31 years.

Arc Flash can be a dangerous issue where by anything near a high power circuit or terminal could become energized through the ionization of surrounding materials or air, allowing the uncontrolled flow of electricity and the inevitable combustion of flammable objects (almost everything). Arc Flash can, and most likely will, cause severe personal injuries, third degree burns, blindness or death to persons exposed!

NFPA 70E 2009 Annex K Over 2,000 people a year are admitted to burn centers each year due to Arc Flash

What happens? – What Energy is released when an Arc occurs and creates a Flash Hazard?

  • Heat – Temperatures can approach several thousands to tens of thousands of degrees F.
  • Light – Ultraviolet Light and most face shields don’t protect
  • Sound – An explosion, can generate up to 160db
  • Pressure – Referred to as Arc Blast – expansion of air and metal. Pressures can range between 100’s of lbs per square foot to 1000’s of lbs per square foot.

The procedures undertaken for conducting a comprehensive Arc Flash Hazard Assessment:

  • Removal of and replacement of all covers by Thermotest/CTI or Customer Staff
  • Field gathering of data
  • Documentation of conductor sizes – Main & length of run
  • Documentation on settings of breakers
  • Digital images of each panel
  • Arc Flash Analysis
  • Single Line Diagram of elec. System
  • Short Circuit Study
  • Labeling of Equipment