Reference Letters


“The City Council meeting went very, very well. The ORB Architects team did excellent work and made an excellent presentation, as usual, and I and the City Council are very appreciative. I am so thankful that we asked you to do this work for the City. The thoroughness of the report, the sub-consultants, the timeliness, the responsiveness, and the comprehensiveness of the efforts — all have been on the mark and then some.
Fred Stouder, City Manager, City of Kenmore


Scott Bartholomew

February 12 2016

Lead electrician

Good morning Larry

I wanted to let you know how invaluable your thermal imaging has been to us and in particular, the baseline trending inspections and reports.

When our main transformer failed last Saturday, the first thing the insurance carrier wanted to look at was proof that we were maintaining our electrical systems equipment including that transformer.

They wanted to see the images from our baseline trending infrared inspection reports since they knew we were conducting annual electrical systems infrared inspections per their request.

Thankfully due to your excellent infrared images and all the comprehensive historical data and the graphical trending of the functionality of that equipment, as well as the digital images of all our equipment, the insurance company is covering all costs.

This will require the re-building of this transformer which is a vast amount of money to say nothing of the downtime (Nearly 2 weeks) the temporary emergency XFMR back up equipment installation, the removal and shipment of our transformer to Denver, CO for the rebuild from Tacoma, WA & back, or the cost of all the labor involved etc.

Our plant manager has estimated this claim to be more than considerable. Many thanks Larry it is because of your advice to conduct “Benchmark/Baseline IR inspections and reports that they honored this insurance claim after their in-house scrutiny and analysis of your images and the excellence of your IR inspection reports.

I'll see you next month when you do our annual inspection.