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Our Approach

Our Commitment & Approach
Cascade Thermal Imaging Infrared Inspections

Our experience, top-tier equipment, meticulous attention to detail, proactive communication and dedication to surpassing customer expectations set us apart as a trusted and valued resource in our field.

Infrared Thermography and Consultation Services

Our infrared thermography inspection and consultation services provide customers with an advanced, real-time view of potential equipment failures and other vulnerabilities before they become critical issues.

Choosing The Right Infrared Inspection Company

We recognize the significance of selecting the right company to handle your infrared inspection needs. We also understand that such decisions involve placing a substantial amount of trust in the chosen business. We deeply respect the careful consideration that goes into making this choice, as well as our customers and their valuable equipment and structures.

Providing You With A Vision Of Your Equipment

The human eye, remarkable as it is, lacks the ability to identify faulty electrical connections, detect moisture behind exterior cladding surfaces, peer into composite materials or pinpoint moisture within insulated roofs. Through infrared technology, we offer an enhanced perspective of your equipment and structures, surpassing the limitations of human vision. Our infrared inspection services provide the most thorough reports available in the industry.

We Offer A 3-Tiered Approach To Our Electrical Systems Infrared Inspection Offerings

Infrared Inspection & Report:
Industry Standard Quantitative Exception
Infrared Inspection & Report: Comprehensive Baseline & Historical Trending Of All Equipment With Adequate Loads
Historical Baseline Trending Infrared Inspection of Specific Equipment Considered Critical And/Or Essential To Operations & Standard Exception Infrared Inspection Of Balance Of Gear

Honesty, integrity, approachability and a commitment to exceeding customer expectations are the cornerstones of our dedication to every project as we strive to become a trusted and valued resource.

We look forward to the opportunity and the privilege to speak with you regarding your infrared inspection requirements!