Our Commitment & Approach – CTI Infrared Inspections:

Experience, high-quality equipment, attention to detail, responsive and strong communication practices coupled with a commitment to exceed our customers’ expectations with the added goal of becoming a trusted and valued resource is what separates us from the pack.

Our infrared Thermography inspection and consultation services are geared to give our customers an advanced, real-time look into the unseen world of potential equipment failures, and various other vulnerabilities before they become big problems.

We understand the importance in choosing the right organization to take on the responsibility of your infrared inspection requirements and that such decisions are not made without placing a great deal of trust in the organization you choose.  We also have a great deal of respect for the consideration that goes into making that decision and a great deal of respect for our customers and their equipment and/or structures.

The human eye, as amazing as it is, cannot see bad electrical connections, detect moisture intrusion behind exterior cladding surfaces, see within composite parts or detect moisture trapped in flat insulated roof structures.  We provide you with a vision of your equipment and/or structures beyond the capabilities of the human eye through the utilization of infrared technology and we will provide you with the most comprehensive infrared inspection and IR report in the industry.

We Offer A 3-Tiered Approach To Our Electrical Systems Infrared Inspection Offerings…

Industry Standard Quantitative Exception IR Inspection & Report

Comprehensive Baseline and Historical Trending of all equipment with adequate loads IR Inspection & Report

Historical Baseline Trending IR Inspection of Specific Equipment Considered Critical and/or Essential to Operations & Standard Exception IR Inspection of Balance of Gear

Honesty, Integrity, Approachability, And Striving To Exceed Our Customers’ Expectations And Become A Trusted And Valued Resource Are The Cornerstones Of Our Commitment To Every Project.


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We look forward to the opportunity and the privilege to speak with you regarding your infrared inspection requirements!