Building Envelope & Structures

Building Energy Efficiency Analysis -Roof Leak Inspections - Building Integrity Inspections

  • Thermal heat loss including steam distribution systems inspections for commercial buildings, hospitals, schools university and corporate campuses, Mfg. facilities, refineries, condo‚Äôs and apartment buildings.
  • Identify air leakage and energy losses via verifiable IR & digital imagery efficiently and cost effectively.
  • Evaluate the thermal performance of retrofits and remodels.
  • Locate missing or damaged insulation.
  • Locate radiant heating systems In-Floor & In-Ceiling electrical or hydronic.
  • Radiant heating system inspections for leaks or blockage and/or electrical disruptions.
  • Roof leak inspections for commercial insulated flat roofs.
  • Building Structural Integrity Assessment Inspections.
  • Structural integrity Facilities Structural Assessment for the City of Kenmore.
  • Concrete integrity inspections.

Structural Assessment Analysis

Economic Benefits

  • The use of infrared Thermography makes economic sense, regardless of the size and operation of your facility
  • Unprecedented returns on investment
  • Every dollar spent on infrared service there is a $4 return on investment
  • This ratio is closer to $1 to $20 if loss to production occurs, and spoilage, labor, emergency repairs, unnecessary parts and usual other factors are considered

Energy Efficiency/Heat Loss