Electrical Inspections

We Provide You With The Vision of Your Equipment Beyond The Capabilities of The Human Eye Via High Resolution Infrared Technology

Cascade Thermal Imaging, Inc. electrical systems infrared inspections provide infrared imagery and the data that reveals potential equipment failures before they become potentially costly problems.

Our IR electrical inspections provide you with a “Predictive Maintenance” capability and our reporting software dove tails into MPluse, MindSphere, GEPredix & other Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) streamlining maintenance processes, management and planning, helping you ensure consistent performance and increased efficiency.

Our IR inspection procedures and our IR inspection reports exceed the industry standards and exceed the caliber of the IR inspection reports the insurance industry customarily receives.

~Hence Their Statement~

“We find that most IR inspection reports submitted fall short of providing the needed information required to understand historical trends or to satisfy claim requests.”

The credibility, expertise and experience of our Infraspection Institute Certified Level III Thermographers have helped our customers avoid equipment damage, reduce fire risk, improve safety, acquire discounts on insurance premiums and save millions of dollars in unplanned outages and down time.

The combination of our infrared technologies, our experience working on, installing and IR inspecting electrical systems coupled with our Best Practice reporting procedures and software provides the highest caliber inspections of commercial, and industrial electrical systems. Our high-resolution Infrared Camera technology provides us the ability to inspect a wide range of electrical and mechanical systems.

Our Electrical Infrared Inspections Cover a Variety of Applications

  • Commercial Building Electrical Systems
  • Industrial, Manufacturing, Processing, Cold Storage & Distribution Electrical Systems
  • Transmission and Distribution Equipment
  • Substations and Power Generation
  • High-Voltage Indoor Switchgear

Engineering | Arc Flash Studies & Labeling | Power Systems Analysis

Cascade Thermal Imaging, Inc provides customers with Power Systems Analysis including Arc Flash Hazard Assessment services for improved safety and emergency repair prevention. We deploy highly experienced technicians with 20 years’ experience providing Power Systems Analysis/Engineering Power Studies to companies in a variety of industries nation-wide.
Electrical Engineering Services include:

  • Ground fault testing and certification
  • Arc flash studies
  • Protective device coordination studies
  • Short circuit studies
  • Power quality evaluations
  • Power factor analysis
  • Energy management services
  • Harmonic analysis

The goal of our IR inspections is to ascertain the health, functionality and expected longevity of your equipment under your normal operational conditions.  We can provide a predictive level of maintenance protection which can identify equipment within your systems that may present problems with reliability and enable you to develop a predictive plan of action for repairs based on identified and verified findings.

Cost reductions in maintenance, inventory, and workforce personnel have historically been early areas to experience cost cuts. Although it does impact the bottom line, this approach is a band aid and offers merely short-term relief.  It does nothing to reduce the stresses on electrical system components. Ignoring routine maintenance only perpetuates failures which are sure to come. For instance, if you operate a transformer at its threshold temperature you will reduce the life-span of that transformer by 50%.

The goal of course should be to seek out the most technologically advanced, state-of-the-art instruments and technologies to achieve the objective of lowering downtime, increasing revenue, and maximizing equipment life.  At a minimum on electrical systems, infrared thermography, voltage/current diagnostics, and visual inspections by trained, licensed, and certified electricians should be the key components of any program.