IR Roof Leak Detection

  • Roof leak detection for buildings, plants, facilities
  • Identify water damaged portions of a roof quickly and accurately
  • Locate water intrusion locations
  • Eliminate unnecessary demolition and replacement of good roofing materials
  • We can readily identify when a roof is in need of replacement
  • Plan accurate budgets based on facts
  • Document problems before the warranty/bond expires

Roof Leaks

Water leakage is the number one factor leading to the damage of framing structures, finishes and roofing systems

Though most of these problems remain hidden from normal viewing, Infrared Inspecions can detect and measure the efficiency of a building in a non-invasive way. This allows you to detect potential problems before they can create structural damage, eliminating lost revenue due to inefficient systems.

Most leaks occur where the waterproofing is sealed or where there is a penetration of the roof. Since most types of roof systems absorb some amount of water, it is harder to find the exact spot of water contamination in the underlying insulation because it may not leak into the building until it has absorbed all the water it can hold. Many of the problems that might exist within a roofing system remain hidden from normal viewing.

10 Reasons Why BUR Systems Leak

Locate the intrusion points on the roof noninvasively, quickly and inexpensively; Save time and money

Roof Maintenance. Water leakage is the number one factor leading to damages of roofing structures, framing structures and interior finishes. Waterproofing problems for roofs occur in two ways: leakage and moisture contamination. Leakage is often times obvious, although the leak inside the building rarely directly relates to the exact entry spot on the roof, since the water flows down the slope of the roof to a spot that is not sealed and into the building at that point and possibly others.

Thermal imaging cameras can detect and measure the efficiency of a roof’s integrity in a non-invasive way and therefore you don’t have to remove and destroy good remaining roofing material in order to locate the source of a roofing system problem. You can also detect potential problems to a roofing system that may occur in the near future and thereby avoid potentially expensive future repairs.