Cockpit Elec. IR

Aircraft cockpit inspections, both pre-flight and post-flight, consist of a wide range of control routines that need to ensure the safety of its passengers during a flight. Next to that, it is essential that inspections are carried out as efficiently as possible, because every idle hour that is keeping an aircraft waiting on the ground is time and money lost.

Cascade Thermal Imaging, Inc. Infrared Inspection Specialists can significantly speed up electrical inspections inside the cockpit, while at the same time guaranteeing accuracy and reliability utilizing our Top Of The Line, Highest Resolution FLIR T-620 Infrared Camera Manufactured (307,200 pixels – 640×480 resolution).

We have IR inspected thousands of pieces of electrical equipment of almost everything imaginable over the last 10 years. IR technology is the fastest, most efficient and effective technology for “Predictive Maintenance” of electrical systems and is also the most cost effective and is totally Non-invasive.

Once our comprehensive infrared inspection is complete we deliver the IR report digitally documenting the details of all electrical problems identified.

IR Report Specifics:

  • IR Testing of All Equipment & Panels Requested
  • Comprehensive Problem Documentation of all Problems Identified
  • Problem Work Orders for All Your Repairs
  • Prioritized Problem List by Temperature Rise
  • Equipment Test History Matrix Development
  • Complete Equipment Inventory and Test Status
  • Baseline-Benchmark Data on All Equipment Tested, Displayed in Color Graphic Format to Trend Functionality Over Time
  • Inspection Cover Page Summaries and Severity Descriptions
  • Bar Coding of All Equipment And/or Panels Requested

Secure Web Hosting on CTI Web Manager Server. You can view your entire IR reports for any and all equipment securely from any web browser.

Any and all thermal anomalies identified and noted in the report will be brought to the attention of the Chief Maintenance Engineer or assigned electrician immediately, as all images are captured on our equipment and immediately available for review in real time. This attention to detail in and of itself has saved many of our customers’ significant amounts of money and will help immensely in the elimination of aircraft down time, emergency repairs and has enhanced safety.

Source: Investigation of an accelerated moisture removal approach of a composite aircraft control surface (Chun Li, Rick, Ueno, Vivier, Lefebvre, National Research Council Canada, The University of Ottawa, Department of National Defense Canada).

Credits: Mr. Carsten Holm, Vice president technical at Star Air, Mr. Ralf Grispen, Thermografisch Adviesbureau BV ( Pictures: Thermografisch Adviesbureau BV